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shim shim shim Y discharge. *sigh* it will get better. Freyjafiend view public profile find all posts by freyjafiend member's threads gift freyjafiend a 'you are an angel' badge! Gift freyjafiend an upgraded membership!   # 5   07-06-2012, 01:50 pm birddog1963 hyster sister   hysterectomy : may 4th, 2012 surgery type : dvh ovaries : removed both re: davinci robotic hysterectomy hi davinci ladies..... Luckily my surgeon forwarned me about the "right side pain" prior to surgery so i was prepared. She told me that this particular area is where the most manipulation (suctioning, moving) is done during surgery. I too had quite a bit of right side pain for a few weeks after surgery, seemed to really be obvious when i went back to work after 3 weeks post op. I found that ibuprofen and taking it easy really seemed to help. The good news is, it will get better! I'm 9 weeks post op today and feel great, in fact had my internal exam and all is good, no restrictions and life is grand with no more bleeding!! Good luck to all of you sisters!! Birddog1963 view public profile find all posts by birddog1963 member's threads gift birddog1963 a 'you are an angel' badge! Gift birddog1963 an upgraded membership!   # 6   07-06-2012, 04:35 pm tauruslady   hysterectomy : november 24th, 2008 surgery type : dvh ovaries : removed both re: davinci robotic hysterectomy flancher - initial recovery from a hysterectomy ranges from 2/4 to 6/8 weeks depending on what all was done and how quickly you heal. The more that was done, generally the longer it takes. Some women with prolapse repairs may be more like 12 weeks, same with slower healers. Full recovery from a hysterectomy takes 6 to 12 months. My dr. discount pharmacy viagra generic viagra buy viagra cheap buy viagra online australia fast delivery generic viagra overnighted cheap generic viagra viagra prescription canada buy viagra with debit card buy viagra without prescription Told me that davinci patients are ahead for the first 6 months but after that are on the same recovery path as abdominal surgeries. A couple of reasons why davinci is supposed to faster recovery are the smaller incisions and also instead of stitching some cut tissue it is cauterized (which can also help to prevent adhesions). All that being said we are all different so give yourself some time. There is one port incision that is manually controlled and it is used by a nurse to pass things into your body that the dr might need (example gauze). Since it is manually controlled sometimes that port gets a little bit more of work out and can cause extra pain. Give yourself time to heal. Tauruslady view public profile find all posts by tauruslady member's threads gift tauruslady a 'you are an angel' badge! Gift tauruslady an upg. shim shim shim side effects of women taking viagrashim shim shim shim