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shim shim shim shim   about us resources news & events who we are contact us become a member donations merchandise about pheo para research & trials faq links patient stories events calendar past events news media newsletters flickr photos youtube channel links please visit the following links for more information about pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma. Pheo para alliance the alliance is a non-profit organization with a focus on finding a cure for pheo para through education, research, and fundraising.   pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma research support organization (pressor) pressor is an international consortium of doctors and scientists devoted to finding new treatments and diagnostic tools by sharing pheo para research findings.   pheochromocytoma organization this site includes a message board where patients can communicate with each other.   national organization of rare diseases (nord) nord is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those with rare diseases through education, research, and service.   association for multiple endocrine neoplasia disorders (amend) amend is a support group for families affected by men disorders.   vhl family alliance this site provides information about vhl and support group information.   endocrine society this group of physicians, researchers, and scientists is dedicated to furthering endocrine research and providing information to patients and physicians.   do you have a pheo para link to share? Please send it to info@pheoparatroopers. Org. Are you a pheo para trooper? order generic viagra online viagra online pharmacy usa trusted on line sites to buy viagra cheapest viagra online generic viagra canada buy cheap viagra generic soft viagra Join us in the war against pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma! Upcoming events november 2, 2012 focus on neuroendoc? Rine tumors: patient and caregiver conference november 10, 2012 run for the stripes donate now your support helps fund our operation costs and more. Click here to see how your donation helps support our cause. Join us on facebook help us spread the word about pheo/para!. Asionally arise outside of the adrenal glands (paraganglioma). Common locations for paraganglioma include the heart, neck, bladder, back wall of the abdomen and along the spine. Causes of hypertensive crisis associated with pheochromocytoma an attack of high blood pressure (hypertensive crisis) associated with pheochromocytoma typically lasts less than an hour. Blood pressure may be normal or elevated between the episodic symptoms. Hypertensive crisis and other signs and symptoms may be brought on by emotional distress or anxiety, surgical anesthesia, or physical activities that press on the tumor, such as: changes in body position exercise pregnancy lifting having a bowel movement urination additionally, these factors can trigger a high blood pressure episode: using drugs or stimulants that raise your blood pressure, such as decongestants, amphetamines or cocaine. Eating foods rich in tyramine — an amino acid normally found in your body that helps regulate blood pressure. Tyramine is found in imp. shim shim shim shim shim shim
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