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        Wnership of copyright to the italian journal of vascular and endovascular surgery should their work be published in this journal. They state that the article is original, has not been submitted for publication in other journals and has not yet been published either wholly or in part. They state that they are responsible for the research that they have designed and carried out; that they have participated in drafting and revising the manuscript submitted, whose contents they approve. In the case of studies carried out on human beings, the authors confirm that the study was approved by the ethics committee and that the patients gave their informed consent. They also state that the research reported in the paper was undertaken in compliance with the helsinki declaration and the international principles governing research on animals. They agree to inform edizioni minerva medica of any conflict of interest that might arise, particularly any financial agreements they may have with pharmaceutical or biomedical firms whose products are pertinent to the subject matter dealt with in the manuscript. "the authors implicitly agree to their paper being peer-reviewed. All manuscripts will be reviewed by editorial board members who reserve the right to reject the manuscript without entering the review process in the case that the topic, the format or ethical aspects are inappropriate. Once accepted, all manuscripts are subjected to copy editing. cheap viagra in usa viagra for sale canada viagra without a doctor prescription uk viagra sales online buy generic viagra online cheap cheap viagra online viagra online trusted on line sites to buy viagra where to buy cials and viagra online generic viagra online If modifications to the manuscript are requested, the corrected version should be sent to the online editorial office with the modified parts underlined and highlighted. The revised version should be accompanied by a letter with point-by-point responses to the reviewers’ comments. Correction of proofs should be limited to a simple check of the printing; any changes to the text will be charged to the authors. Corrected proofs must be sent back within 3 working days to the online editorial office of the italian journal of vascular and endovascular surgery. In case of delay, the editorial staff of the journal may correct the proofs on the basis of the original manuscript. Forms for ordering reprints are sent together with the proofs. For further information about publication terms please contact the editorial office of the italian journal of vascular and endovascular surgery, edizioni minerva medica, corso bramante 83-85, 10126 torino, italy – phone +39-011-678282 – fax +39-011-674502 – e-mail journals. Dept@minervamedica. It. Article typesinstructions for the most frequent types of articles submitted to the journal. Editorials. Commissioned by the editor in chief or the managing editor, editorials deal with a subject of topical interest about which the author expresses his/her personal opinion. No more than grand words (3 typed, double-spaced pages) and up to 15 references will be accepted. Original articles. These should be origin.